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Ryusoulger's Mana Kinjo (Ui Tatsui) Has Passed Away at 25

Mana Kinjo who had played Ui Tatsui in Ryusoulger has passed away on December 1st due to sickness. This was announced by her Talent Agency - Grick today midnight (December 5th) on her Social Media Platforms.


Announcement To all concerned and to all the Fans While expressing the gratitude and praying for the fortune, we would like to tell you that Actress Mana Kinjo belonging to our affiliation has passed away on December 1st at the age of 25. She has been taking off since last year and was doing her best in her treatment and return back. But it looks like it won't happen anymore. We would like to thank all the fans who supported Mana Kinjo till now. We are truly thankful for you. She was a bit clumsy but was really a hard worker. She used to do her best at everything. I would like you not to forget her smile when she was trying to fulfill her dream. December 5th, 2020 Grick Co., LtdTatsuya Kishida who played Bamba / Ryusoul Black was shocked after hearing the news in the night.
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