Ryusoulger Spin-Off in Works?

Ryusoulger has got a lot of attention even after the show had ended a year back. They got Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Special: Memory of Soulmates in December, soon after that they came back for Kiramager Vs Ryusoulger. They were also the first series to get the Final Live Tour as CD and also a Manga. When we thought that there can't be anything more... Ryusoulger's Twitter comes back tweeting "Ah, there is more".

What could it be? Since Toei is heavily working on producing Spin-offs and other content for their TTFC platform, there could be a chance that it could be a TTFC Ryusoulger Spin-Off.

Or could this tweet be hinting Ryusoulger's return in Superhero Senki?

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