Ryusoulgers Get Kiramai Armor in the Movie + New Kiramager Vs Ryusoulger Trailer

Ryusoulgers are going to get a new form in Mashin Sentai Kiramager Vs Ryusoulger movie. This new form is called "Kiramaisou". So all five Ryusoulgers are going to get this new Kiramai Armor and they'll use it to fight along with Kiramager against the Movie Jamen & Kantoku Minasaur.

A new trailer was released this morning and these are the highlights from the movie.

  1. The place where Ryusoulgers & Kiramagers have been abducted is called Yodon Studio.

  2. Asuna tries to punch Sayo and destroys a wall. Sayo is shocked to see her strength.

  3. There is going to be a Musical scene in the movie.

  4. Kiramaisou could have been created by Juru & Kiramagers Hiramekiing power.

  5. While Ryusoulger & Kiramagers are fighting with their counterparts, Mabushiina will form a team with Oto-chan and fight against the enemies.

  6. Movie will pull of No More Eiga Dorobou (No More Movie Thief) with "No More Hero Dorobou".

  7. Takamichi will be seen eating pop corn in the theatres just to get surprised at something.

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