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Ryutaro Okada Reveals Lone Wolf Henshin Pose Is Inspired From Kamen Rider 1

Ryutaro Okada who plays Isamu / Kamen Rider Vulcan was recently interviewed by Sumabo for Zero-One Others: Kamen Rider Vulcan & Valkyrie. In the interview, he talks about how he created the Henshin Pose for Kamen Rider Vulcan Lone Wolf and who inspired him. Here's the translated extract of the interview.

Interviewer - Okada-san will transform using Zero-One Driver this time. Did you come up with the Henshin Pose for it?
Ryutaro Okada - Yes. Nothing was decided beforehand, so I came up with it. Till now I used to transform using Shot Riser, so my right hand was always bound to hold Shot Riser. But this time there is no such binding. I thought what kind of pose would be okay. I liked Showa Riders from long back. So I thought of putting in some 'Kamen Rider 1' impressions. During Henshin with Shot Riser, as Wolf would run towards you, I used to Punch or Kick. But when it comes to thinking of a new pose, it was difficult. In the end, we decided to use a trampoline where I would jump and kick. I can't wait to see fans reaction when they see it.
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