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Saber Chapter 35 New Stills: Reika Pushes Touma Into River?, Desast with Green Ramen & more

Looks like Reika pushed Touma into water and kidnapped Luna. I wonder Kento's ability to look into future didn't predict this.

By the way, I didn't even had to look up who is directing this episode because of this still. This is 1000% Satoshi Morota's plan.

New shot of Desast Eating Green Style Pork Ramen.

Desast is already a Twitter Influencer. He should also try opening a YouTube channel of his own and start some food reviews. Starting off with this Green Ramen.

Master Logos might be looking at the Omniscient Book appearing in the sky after all the 11 Seikens & 19 Wonder Ride Books have been gathered.

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