Saber Chapter 40 New Stills: Storious Gains Omniforce, Durendal Attacks Reika & more

Storious will get the new green outfit in this episode. He takes away the Omni Force Book from Isaac.

Reika's fear when Durendal gets Ocean History gets Hacked by Master Logos and takes control over his body.

What is Mei reacting to?

Yuri comes to the rescue along with Kurayami to save the three Swordsmen when their powers are overwhelmed by Master Logos' Omniforce book.

  • Yuri will return back to his normal human form in this episode after being exhausted and turned back into KougouKen Saikou in the previous episode.

  • When Touma, Rintaro & Kento were leaving, Yuri tells them something.

  • Something will happen to Sophia. Is she able to feel Luna's fear who is being hunt by Master Logos?

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