Saber Elemental Primitive Dragon Finishers, new Calibur Attacks the Swordsman & more Scans

Saber Elemental Primitive Dragon's Rider Kick Finisher is called "Elemental Shuugekiha". He will perform it for first time on Calibur.

Finisher using Kaen-Ken Rekka is called "Shinrabanshou-zan". Shinrabanshou means 'Everything'. Probably referring to four elements once again. Shinrabanshou-zan is performed, the power of two dragons resides inside the sword.

The new Kamen Rider Calibur who is 1000% Kento will first appear in this Sunday's episode to stop out of control Primitive Dragon.

Might seem like an ally at this point. But he will go on to attack the Swordsman → Reika / Sabera, Slash and even 'My Kento's Kenzan'.

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