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Saber × Ghost Suit Actor List Revealed: Possibility of Surprise Suit Character

Japan Action Enterprise has revealed the Suit Actors list for Kamen Rider Saber × Ghost. But the count is off. The only suit characters who are confirmed to appear are Kamen Rider Saber, Kamen Rider Ghost & Desast.

So who is the fourth one?

1. Kosuke Asai is Kamen Rider Saber

2. Eitoku had played Kamen Rider Necrom in Kamen Rider Ghost and plays Kamen Rider Blades in Kamen Rider Saber. I don't think Toei will keep Blades appearance as Surprise.

But he is listed in the second line. Could he play Kamen Rider Ghost as a replacement for Seiji Takaiwa?

3. Shogo Teramoto plays Zooous in TV Series. But since Desast's Suit Actor is busy with playing Vroon / Zenkai Vroon in Zenkaiger, could Shogo Teramoto be replacing him as Desast this time?

4. Shigeki Ito as ???

He is currently the suit actor of TwoKaizer and previously played Kiramai Red & Ryusoul Red. What is he doing in Kamen Rider Saber? What is he is playing?

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