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Saber News: Asuka Kawazu Talks About Mei-Espada Rumors, Hiroaki Oka Hints Saber 50 Episodes?

Mei Sudo's actress Asuka Kawazu had talked in yesterday's Radiranger about the rumors of her being the next Kamen Rider Espada.

Even about the scenes from Ending Dance where you see Saber, Blades & Espada looking over the Wonder World, but only Touma, Rintaro & Mei dancing. Which kinda points her fate as Espada. But she had also said that she is still not sure if she will become Kamen Rider Espada.

Hiroaki Oka who plays Tetsuo Daishinji / Kamen Rider Slash had tweeted "Just in case that Saber's Final Episode is on August 29, then it means we have only 100 days left".

I am not clear why he made such tweet. But could there be a possibility of Kamen Rider Saber having total of 50 episodes?

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