Saber Scans: Calibur's Ultimate Form! Saber & Espada Reach Wonder Combo, Slash's Fight and more!

It has been revealed that when the Riders use the Ridebook with same color, the resulting form will be officially referred as "Wonder Combo".

So Kamen Rider Saber's Wonder Combo will be called Kamen Rider Saber Crimson Dragon. Along with Brave Dragon, Storm Eagle, he will use Saiyuu Journey Wonder Ridebook to transform.

Saiyuu Journey is the Ridebook of Story which tells the story from the Chinese novel Journey to the West.

His Finisher is called Bakuen Guren-zan (Explosive Crimson Slash) where a Crimson Dragon gets summoned who attacks the enemy.

More Scans for Crimson Dragon!

Other variation forms for Saber appearing are,

  1. Kamen Rider Saber Saiyuu Dragon - He uses Saiyuu Journey Wonder Ridebook with Brave Dragon. He can fight like a monkey in this form as the Saiyuu Journey story contains an Monkey as a character.

  2. Kamen Rider Saber Dragon Bremen - He will use Bremen no Rockband Wonder Ridebook which might belong or get in the hands of Kamen Rider Slash later in the series. This form has a Speaker on it's shoulder which can emit sound making the enemy confuse.

Kamen Rider Espada's Wonder Combo will be called Kamen Rider Espada Golden Alangina for which will he will Tri-Cerberus Wonder Ridebook along with Lamp do Alangina and Needle Hedgehog.

His finisher will be called Tor-eno del Sol where will be emit greater lightning on the enemy.

In the initial appearance, he will use this form to fight against Kamen Rider Calibur.

If Kamen Rider Saber and Kamen Rider Espada are getting Wonder Combos, do you Kamen Rider Calibur will just keep quiet?

Well even he is going to get a new form. But this has been officially referred as the Ultimate Form in the scan. So if he gets defeated by half of the series, this means that the Final Villain will be someone else!

So this new form is called Kamen Rider Calibur Jaou Dragon for which he uses the Jaou Dragon Wonder Dragon. It contains the story of an Evil Dragon. By the way, what difference does this Ridebook even make when it comes to the meaning of Jaaku Dragon and Jaou Dragon?

It gives too much of Ryukendo and Night Rogue vibes.

He will mostly fight Espada in his Initial Appearance!

Kamen Rider Slash will use Onjuu-Ken Suzune (Sound Gun-Sword Suzune). Suzune means Sound of Bell. It is a Sword can use the energy of sound to fight and it can also turn into a gun. Kamen Rider Slash will use tricky battle strategy which will also include dance moves.

His Primary form will be called Kamen Rider Slash Hanselnuts to Gretel. Using Bremen no Rockband Wonder Ridebook, he can transform into Kamen Rider Slash Hansel Bremen.

When he uses Onjuu-Ken Suzune in Sword mode, his attack will be called Snack 'On' the Chopper. ('On' here is Japanese for 'Sound').

In Gun mode, his attack will be called Guns and Music.

  1. Touma, Rintaro & Kento taking an oath with their Seikens.

  2. Almost all the Main characters are seen together

  3. Sophia seen with Original Swordsman of Flame and Hayato Fukamiya

  4. Rintaro seen training with his master in his childhood.

  5. New still of the new character Reika Shindai

Here's one of the exclusive Ridebook produced by Toy Review YouTube channel → Leon Channel! It's called Sarukani Wars Wonder Ridebook. (Monkey-Crab Wars)

Here's the list of other exclusive Wonder Ridebooks which will be released only as Toys and never will appear in TV Series.

  1. Daishogun Momoichiro -Story of Momotaro

  2. Daikengo Urashima Jiro - Urashima Taro's Story

  3. Daiyokozuna Kinzaburo - Kintaro's Story

  4. Oshajizou-san

  5. Bakusou Usagi to Kame - Rabbit and Tortoise

  6. Tsuki no Hime Kaguyan - The Tale of Princess Kaguya

  7. Issun Bushi - Story of Issun Boshi?

  8. Houshin Kamen Engi - Exclusive Ridebook from CICF2020

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