Kamen Rider Saber is going to get a new form in December. He will get Metal Cluster treatment as his suit is going to turn Silver giving that Knight feel. Well even the mask looks like more of a Knight now... well that's why it's called KAMEN RIDER SABER DRAGONIC KNIGHT.

Looks like they were finally able to unseal the bulky Ridebook which Touma got from Avalon. This Ridebook is called Wonder Ridebook Dragonic Knight. It has the power of three Wonder Ridebooks and when opened, it takes up the place of three Ridebooks on the Seiken Swordriver.

Kamen Rider Saber Dragonic Knight's Finisher attack is called Shinka-Ryuuha-Zan (Godly Flame Dragon Wave Slash) where he Slashes the enemy with his giant Kaen-Ken Rekka.

He can scan the Wonder Ridebook Dragonic Knight on the Dragonic Booster which is on his left arm to enhance his power. The Dragonic Booster will shout out "One Reading! Flame Spicy!". Dragonic Booster will shoot Fireballs which is called "Kyouka-Dai-Kakumei" which translated it become "Great Fire Revolution".

He can perform Rider Kick whose name is still not yet known. He can also summon the Brave Dragon and ride it.

More Scans!

By the way, Dragonic Booster is just Saber's Drag Visor.

Well it's not only Saber who gets the Knight treatment.

Blades is going to get Wonder Ridebook King Lion Dai-Senki and transform into KAMEN RIDER BLADES KING LION DAI-SENKI. Unlike Saber his color will still remain blue but with a metallic feel.

His finisher is called Lionel Hydro Stream where he slashes the enemy with his Suisei-Ken Nagare.

When the Wonder Ridebook King Lion Dai-Senki is scanned on his King Lion Booster on his left arm, he can perform Lionel Soul Splash where the enemy is attacked with splash of water.

One more Scan...

Other forms appearing this month. 1. Kamen Rider Kenzan Ninja Jackun 2. Kamen Rider Buster Genbu Bremen 3. Kamen Rider Slash Hansel Buta-3

No sign of New Rider (TV Series) this month.

Espada will lose to Kamen Rider Calibur Jaou Dragon and will get his transformation removed. Touma will come to save Kento.

Touma is seen wearing the same black suit as he is seen using the Wonder Ridebook Dragonic Knight. Looks like appearance of Kamen Rider Saber Dragonic Knight might be during the final minutes of Episode 12 or at the very beginning of Episode 13.

Nothing much of new scenes for Kamen Rider Saber: Swordsman of Phoenix and Book of Ruin... but here's the new scan.

Kamen Rider Falchion's Seiken is called Mumei-Ken Kyomu which means Unsigned Sword Void.

Now coming to some toy exclusive news from the scans. Leon Channel produces Den-O Douwa Zenshuu (Den-O Fairy Tale Complete Collection) Riderbook.

Ongekiden Hibiki Ridebook listed on the bottom left.

There will be release of Wonder World Story Wonder Ridebooks releasing which will depict the story of Riders and their Swords.

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