Saber Scans: Kamen Rider Solomon Attacks, Falchion Returns, Sabela Betrays Master Logos & more

Kamen Rider Solomon Omni Force (Master Logos) will use the Wonder Ride Book Omni Force to transform. Omni Force Ride Book contain a part of the power of the Almighty book.

Though the name of his Seiken is not yet revealed nor his Buckle. He will use golden version of King Excalibur and his buckle will be similar to that of Calibur & Saikou. He has Sword of Logos symbol on his armor.

As spotted in the recent filming leak video, Sabela & Durendal will go against Master Logos / Kamen Rider Solomon. Even the Northern Base Swordsmen will fight against Kamen Rider Solomon on the roof top as spotted in the first filming leak.

More Scans... Witness the Return of Kamen Rider Falchion.

Bahat will revive and attack the Swordsman one by one. He has gotten more stronger than before. Saber will also transform into Emotional Dragon to fight him. Blades Tategami Hyoujuu Senki seems to be no match against Falchion.

That clearly has the helmet of Elemental Primitive Dragon with Emotional Dragon suit. But the scan only calls him as Emotional Dragon.

Ren is getting near to join hands with Desast and Megids.

Luna will return back in the same child form as she disappear. There is a reason behind it. It's the secret behind true identity of Luna.

Scan of OG Northern Base Sword of Logos Members from Sword of Logos Saga.

Last scan for Saber Hyper Battle DVD

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