Saber Scans: Kenzan Appears!, King of Arthur Robo, Blades Gets color complete Form & more New Forms!

Kamen Rider Kenzan is going to appear in October. Ren Akamichi is going to use Sarutobi Ninja-den Wonder Ridebook to transform into Kamen Rider Kenzan Sarutobi Ninja-den.

Just like Buster, he also doesn't use a Belt. He will insert his Wonder Ridebook in the Seiken → Fuusou-Ken Hayate. This sword can split into two to use in Nitoryuu mode.

When in Single Sword mode, the Light Green Sword can be rotated around the Dark Green Sword to form a Large Shuriken. As he uses the Ridebook of a Ninja, he can move & fight like a Ninja.

Using Kobuta 3-Kyodai Ridebook, he can transform into Kamen Rider Kenzan Ninja Buta-3.

Kamen Rider Saber will use King of Arthur Wonder Ridebook to transform into Kamen Rider Saber Dragon Arthur. Unlike other forms, this form comes with a Large Sword called King Excalibur.

In this form he will challenge Kamen Rider Calibur.

This sword King Excalibur will transform into a Giant Robo called King of Arthur.

Kamen Rider Saber will use Storm Eagle Wonder Ridebook to transform into Kamen Rider Saber Dragon Eagle in the next episode. Adding that up with Kobuta 3-Kyodai Wonder Ridebook, he can transform into Kamen Rider Saber Dragon Eagle Buta 3.

They could have waited till Christmas to use this form.

Looks like Kamen Rider Blades will be the first Rider in Saber to get his color complete form.

Using Tenkuu no Pegasus, Lion Senki & Peter Fantasista, Rintaro will transform into Kamen Rider Blades Fantastic Lion.

It looks like the color complete form won't follow the same naming methodology as other combination forms.

Fantastic Lion has no reference of Tenkuu no Pegasus in it's name at all.

Actually the 3rd Rider of Saber, but people will consider him as the 4th due to Buster's appearance.

He will also use the Seiken Swordriver to transform into the Swordsman of Lightning → Kamen Rider Espada. He uses Lamp do Alangina to transform into Kamen Rider Espada Lamp do Alangina.

His Finisher is called Thunder Issatsu-giri where he performs a slash attack along with transferring a large voltage of current on the enemy.

Adding up Needle Hedgehog Wonder Ridebook, he can transform into Kamen Rider Espada Lamp do Hedgehog.

Desast who had debut in yesterday's episode, will cause trouble the plans of the Commander Megido. All he wants to fight with the Riders.

In simple words, he might not even be a Threat to Humanity.

In October we are going to get Piranha Megido and Medusa Megido. Piranha Megido can control a large group of Piranhas made up of paper and Medusa Megido can turn humans into Stone.

Total Wonder Ridebooks that will get collected by 3rd week of October.

The belt which Kamen Riders like Kamen Rider Buster & Kamen Rider Kenzan have on their waist is called Sword of Logos Buckle. It's not sure if the center Black piece has any use to it.

Here's the complete list of Legend Riders Wonder Ridebook from Heisei

  1. A New Legend Wonder Kuuga

  2. Konjikiryuu no Agito (Agito of Golden colored Dragon)

  3. Ryuki in Mirror World

  4. Faiz Shinka Jinrui-shi (Faiz: History of Human Evolution)

  5. Kabutomushi Yugi Blade (Beetle Game's Blade)

  6. Ongekiden Hibiki

  7. Kousoku Kabuto Kiroku (Kabuto's Speed Record)

  8. Den-O Douwa Zenshuu (Den-O Fairy Tale Complete Collection)

  9. Ore-sama wa Kiva de aru (I am Kiva)

  10. Decade Zen Sekai Ryokouki (Decade: World Travel History)

  11. Double Tantei Nikki (Double: Detective Diary)

  12. OOO Animal Comboroku (OOO's Animal Combo Record)

  13. 2011 Fourze Odyssey (Clearly inspired from 2001: A Space Odyssey)

  14. Kibou no Mahoutsukai, Wizard (Wizard the Magician of Hope)

  15. Sengoku Gaim Emaki (Sengoku Gaim Picture Scroll)

  16. Drive Keisatsu 24-ji (24 Hours Drive Cop) (Name is clearly inspired from 24 Hours Police Documentary Shows)

  17. Ghost Iijinroku (Ghost's Record of Great Men)

  18. Ex-Aid Iryou Nisshi (Ex-Aid's Medical Record)

  19. Pandora Rabbit no Build (Build of Pandora Rabbit)

  20. Zi-O Kourin-reki (Zi-O Advent Record)

  21. 01 AI Kaihatsu-roku (01 AI Development Record)

We are getting New Riders and New Forms even next week! The New Riders could be Kamen Rider Slash?

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