Saber Scans: Primitive Dragon, Saikou X-Swordman, new Character → Master Logos & more

Kamen Rider Saber Primitive Dragon is an Out of Control form. When Touma uses the Primitive Dragon Wonder Ridebook, he loses his consciousness and goes evil.

Primitive Dragon Wonder Ridebook works like a Adapter for Seiken Swordriver. Touma will set the Brave Dragon Wonder Ridebook on this and when used, it places a big hand on the Brave Dragon as if Saber Primitive Dragon is drawing the energy from Brave Dragon.

There will also be Kamen Rider Saber Primitive Dragon Lion Senki when Lion Senki Ridebook is used instead of Brave Dragon.

Based on what Ridebook is used on Primitive Dragon, it will create an image of that Ridebook on the chest with the name of that Ridebook as the right shoulder pad.

Primitive Dragon Wonder Ridebook is born from the Forbidden Book of Southern Base.

Legeiel is going to be the first victim of Primitive Dragon. Sounds like Legeiel's Death Flag is near.

When the enemy tries to run way, Saber Primitive Dragon can summon a third hand from the Primitive Dragon Wonder Ridebook that will catch the enemy and bring him back to the battlefield.

Yuri makes his decision to become a Swordsman again and somehow he gets X-Swordman Wonder Ridebook which will transform him into Kamen Rider Saikou X-Swordman.

Unlike other Ridebooks, this Wonder Ridebook has 4 pages.

The colours are inspired from comic colours.

His finisher is called X-Sword Break. For this he will spin rapidly and slash the enemy.

Kamen Rider Saikou has two more forms as X-Swordman for both he requires Shadow's help.

1. Kamen Rider Saikou X-Swordman Powerful - Saikou concentrates all his power on his right side to transform into a Shield.

2. Kamen Rider Saikou X-Swordman Wonderful - Saikou concentrates all his power on his right leg to transform into a Leg armor which will allow him to perform Rider Kicks.

Kinda looks inspired from Den-O Climax form.

The man with whom Reika talks with is Master Logos. He is the man who leads Sword of Logos. He resides in Southern Base and protects the Forbidden Books like Falchion's and Primitive Dragon's. It's 'difficult for anyone to meet him'.

Master Logos has guards under him to protect his palace. But Storious easily defeats them and infiltrates Southern Base just to be confronted by Master Logos. (where is the difficult for anyone to meet him?)

Next month's monster will be a special one. Twins will turn into a single Megid called Charybdis Megid.

Daishinji decides to believe Touma. Looks like the days of reunion won't be that far... but Primitive Dragon could cause some problem.

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