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Saber Scans: Storious Gets A New Outfit, Triple Rider Kick, More Xross Saber Fight

Storious will get a new outfit in upcoming episodes. It looks like a green version of Master Logos' outfit.

After the first victory against Kamen Rider Solomon, the three swordsmen along with Mei-chan will take their oath. Too bad that Mei didn't get a chance to become Espada as everyone expected.

Aftermath, the Swordsmen return to Northern Base to celebrate. They feast with Flowing Somen. Mei is in charge of dropping the Somen onto the bamboo pipe. Yuri struggles in the beginning as it is a pretty different way to eat.

Here's how the HaouKen Xross Saber is born. All the Swordsmen will raise their Seikens into the Starry Sky. Touma will also be holding Kyomu along with Rekka. The 11 Seiken's combined create a new Seiken - HaouKen Xross Saber.

One of yesterday's scans said that Featuring Saber will absorb the powers of everything around it. I wonder that will remove Rintaro & Kento's transformation like in this?

Double Rider Kick is great. How about Triple Rider Kick? Saber, Blades & Espada in their latest forms will perform the Rider Kick against Kamen Rider Solomon.

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