Saber: Swordsman of Phoenix and Book of Ruin Stage Greetings→ Falchion TV Series & Amazon Alfa Jokes

Kamen Rider Saber Short Film: Swordsman of Phoenix and Book of Ruin Stage Greetings Event took place yesterday and what you wouldn't have expected in this event was that Masashi Taniguchi-san throwing out Kamen Rider Amazons jokes during the talk.

Taniguchi-san had also performed his first transformation sequence and pretty much at the end he had also jokingly mentioned that he will defeat all the Kamen Riders and turn Kamen Rider Saber TV Series in Kamen Rider Falchion TV Series.

Cast have also mentioned that this Short Film will connect to Kamen Rider Saber TV Series, Mei's role in the movie is to define what Kamen Rider is the kid she'll meet in the movie.

Full Event

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