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Saber + Zenkaiger: SuperHero Senki Teaser + Tribute Message from Shirakura to the Original Creators

Toei makes an official announcement on "Saber + Zenkaiger: SuperHero Senki" with the release of the teaser. The teaser features Legend Riders & Legend Red Sentais from Ichigo & Akarenger. The narration goes with "He was always with us. What is that Wish that the Creator Shotaro Ishinomori has left us with?" for Kamen Rider & for Super Sentai it goes like "The ones who had connected the good hearts to lead the world. This is the Story of Beginning of Hero".

The catchphrase of the movie is "The Secret behind the Birth of SuperHero will be now revealed!".

Shinichiro Shirakura who is the producing the movie has given a Anniversary Message.

We can't be considered as the History of Rider & Super Sentai. The creators of those days were not trying to create a History in the name of 'Past'. But it was the 'Future'. These days we only hear the news of their passing, one after the another. We who knew them closely take the responsibility to take over the legacy. This movie is going to be the story of Rider & Sentai's 'Present' - Saber + Zenkaiger. Along with that this is also the story of 'Future' which has been passed on to us.
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