Scan: Past Sentai Robos to Fight Against Zenkaigers

What the hell is happening in Zenkaiger! This ain't even CG! These many robots in a single place?

Here's the list of Past Sentai Robos in the pic

  1. Bio Robo (from Bioman)

  2. Daidenzin (from Denjiman)

  3. Flash King (from Flashman)

  4. RV Robo (from Carranger)

  5. Time Robo Alpha (from Timeranger)

  6. Great Five (from Maskman)

  7. Galaxy Mega (from Megaranger)

  8. Turbo Robo (from Turboranger)

  9. Abaren-Oh (from Abaranger)

  10. Five Robo (from Fiveman)

  11. Gingai-Oh (from Gingaman)

  12. Ryusei-Oh (from Dairanger)

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