Scans from Superhero Senki, Kamen Rider Saber & Zenkaiger: New User for Calibur!

TV Magazine Scan had previously stated this movie exclusive form as "Kamen Rider Saber Zenkaizer Form". But this new scan released calls it "Kamen Rider Saber Superhero Senki".

New Scans of Rider Warudo & Sentai Megid. I didn't realize in the trailer that Sentai Megid's torso looks like that.

Asmodeus will unleash 80 Kamen Rider & Super Sentai books in total. That is 44 Books from Gorenger to Kiramager, 15 Showa Riders Books, 20 Heisei Rider Books & Zero-One's Book. Too bad that Kamen Rider Amazons are not included.

As per this story guide, Touma will be the one who will open the Zenkaiger Book that sucks them into Zenkaiger World. Similarly, Vroon will open a book which could be Kamen Rider Saber Book that sucks them into Kamen Rider Saber World.

Kamen Rider Storious will use Grimoire Wonder Ride Book to transform. One of his on-screen lines is "I will decide the ending of the story" ("Monogatari no Ketsumatsu wa, Watashi ga Kimemasu"). It's a bit polite version compared to Saber's one.

Note:- Kamen Rider Saber line is "Monogatari no Ketsumatsu wa, Ore ga Kimeru".

The 9 Swordsmen get ready to fight their final battle. Someone unexpected will use AnkokuKen Kurayami and transform it into Kamen Rider Calibur.

This is Zenkaiju Gear. Reminds you of Fang Memory, isn't it?

Considering that shape, it is not clear how it will be used on Geardalinger.

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