Scans: Kamen Rider Saber Zenkaizer Form & Kamen Rider Storious

Updated: Jun 28

Kamen Rider Saber going to get a special form in the movie Superhero Senki. It's called Kamen Rider Saber Zenkaizer Form. To transform into this form, Touma will use Wonder Ride Book Superhero Senki.

When Touma got hold of the Book of Hero, it changes into Wonder Ride Book Superhero Senki. This book has the feelings of the Heroes who wish for peace among humans.

It's a Dragonic Knight type of Ride Book and when opened it has the logos of Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary & Super Sentai 45th Anniversary. In the next 3 pages, you can see the images of Saber Zenkaizer Form, Zenkaizer, and the Legendary Riders & Sentai standing behind them.

Storious is going to transform into Kamen Rider Storious in TV Series.

He will use the Grimoire Ride Book with Dooms Driver Buckle as used by Kamen Rider Solomon. The suit is once again the recolor of Kasshine with a Mask modeled after Storious' Megid form.

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