Screenwriter Hiroki Uchida Reveals 'Daishinji Devil Laugh' Scene Was Supposed To Be Something Else

In Kamen Rider Saber Episode 39 we got to see Daishinji's Final Boss like Chaotic laugh when he got to hold KougouKen Saikou who was exhausted in the creation process of HaouKen Xross Saber. Yuri was stuck in KougouKen Saikou form throughout the episode. When Daishinji took hold of Saikou, Yuri was a bit worried when gave the comedic fun to the audience.

But today, Screenwriter Hiroki Uchida had revealed on his Twitter that he originally had written the scene as Sophia putting some Ice bags on Yuri. But it was later cut due to various circumstances. He said that he is not sure what was the reason, somehow Saikou ended up in Daishinji's hands.

In the end, he had reacted to the scene in the tweet by saying "Daishinji's Tension in this scene. lol".

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