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Seiji Takaiwa Expresses His Interest To Work in Foreign Movies, His Career From the Age of 18 & more

Seiji Takaiwa had started his acting career at the young age of 18, either for Hero Shows, TV Shows as Combatmen and others roles till he got roles in Metal Hero then into Super Sentai and finally as 20 years of Heisei Kamen Rider Suit Actor. He had also revealed an episode from his early teenage years where he was playing the role of a combatmen in a Hero Show and his parents came to watch him. He tried multiple times to hint his parents that this combat men is him. But during the costume, his parents took time to realize.

Though his parents were supportive on his take as an actor. But he was also advised by his parents that if he doesn't see any improvement in his career by the age of 25, then he should give up. He says that he did his best because of this.

He had expressed his feelings of playing over the years, the meaning of Hero, what he sees himself as a Suit Actor & more.

When asked what he wants to do now after leaving Tokusatsu. He replied that he wants to appear in Drama, Stage Show, wants to try Stage Show direction and also wants to appear in Foreign Movies. Even atleast as soldier and do some actions.

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