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Shigeyuki Totsugi Reveals His Character Genta Has Untold Secrets in Kamen Rider Revice

Actor Shigeyuki Totsugi plays the father Genta Igarashi in Kamen Rider Revice. His character seems like a simple father without any grey area in his life and even sometimes made fun of by his own children and called 'useless'. But in the interview by Mantanweb, he had revealed that there are some secrets revealed about his character.

When the interviewer had Shigeyuki about the reason why Genta is useless as a father, he said "That's what people think. But for now you can assume that there are some things which can't be revealed now". He continued by saying "There is a reason why he useless as a father..... But that's all I can say for now".

He had also revealed that he got to wear the proto-type of Revice Driver prop during the costume fitting. He had praised the quality of the props used with proto-type of the Driver prop as an example.

He was asked if he gets to transform then what kind of Kamen Rider does he want to transform into. He said, "From Henshin pose to fighting style, I want it to be completely Showa feel Rider. In the end, there should be a Kick. Let's go with lots of green parts".

When asked for the highlights for his character and show, he said "Will Genta be able to transform?".

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