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Shinchiro Shirakura Speaks Up On The Fansub Issue In His Latest Tweet

Well everyone must be well aware of the Fansubs incident that was hit to the Western Tokusatsu community a week back. TV-Nihon getting Cease & Desist letter from Toei, Over-Time making an announcement about them stopping, followed by the so called 'Twittards' making a big thread tagging Toei's CEO Shinichiro Shirakura.

There was another twitter user who had pointed out Shirakura about the fansubs once again after a week since the tension began to cool down. Shirakura decided to reply to this user saying that he has not heard of the fansub scandal.

For those who are unaware, Shinichiro Shirakura doesn't work on sending the Cease & Desist letters to anyone or taking down anything on his own. Toei has a separate department that does that work.

But after that he had made another tweet only in Japanese regarding the fansub issue. It seems like he wasn't actually aware of the thing but has an idea of what had actually happened.

So here's the translation of the tweet

This is what I think might have happened about the small turmoil overseas, 1. Some fan had complained that about lower quality of subtitles at an Semi-Official Streaming Site (Indirect License) & to learn from the 'fansub'. 2. Because of that we came to know about the existence of illegal video sites and got deleted one after the other. It was like "If the pheasant didn't ring, then it wouldn't have been hit" incident.
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