Shinichiro Shirakura Compares Kamen Rider BLACK SUN with Dark Knight Trilogy

Variety had recently interviewed Shinichiro Shirakura about the Kamen Rider franchise entering the International Market. In the interview, he was asked about Kamen Rider Black's Reboot - Kamen Rider BLACK SUN. Shinichiro Shirakura had, "We’re not aiming at children, the show is targeting older teenagers and young adults". He had also said that he is not expecting Director Shiraishi Kazuya to turn Kamen Rider BLACK SUN into a typical Tokusatsu Show.

Since he’s Shiraishi Kazuya, I expect that it will have the flavor of the sort of films he makes. It will be a new type of superhero show that adults can watch with a straight face. It’s like Christopher Nolan with ‘The Dark Knight’ — he could make a Batman film that way because he’s Christopher Nolan. I’m sure ‘Kamen Rider’ as viewed by Shiraishi will also be something completely different since he’s directing all the episodes.

He also added that the foundation of the show will depend on the performances of the cast on which the stunts & CGs will be added.

Shirashi doesn’t want characters who are pure CG creations.

Shinichiro Shirakura / Toei might be a big fan of the Batman franchise. In the Kamen Rider Gaim, the map of Zawame City was exactly the map of Gotham. Even the titles of ROGUE spin-off were pretty much inspired from Dark Knight trilogy titles.

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