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Shinji Higuchi Reveals Why Shin Ultraman Doesn't Have a Color Timer?

Director Shinji Higuchi had recently appeared on the show "Switch Interview Tatsujin" and he had talked about the reason why Shin Ultraman doesn't have a Color Timer.

Shinji Higuchi had heard that the reason for having the Color Timer was to reduce the filming cost. He says "From what I have heard, it costs a lot for Special Effects. They wanted to reduce the Special Effects as much as possible. So that was 'to create something that will end in 3 minutes'". "They put the light bulb over here... Because of that the Tohl Narita who had designed him used to say 'you put up that thing' till his death". Considering all these Shinji Higuchi had decided to go with Tohl Narita's original design. "That's why I wanted to go with the Ultraman's design drawn by him".

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