Shun Nishime To Leave His Current Agency

Actor Shun Nishime who had played Takeru Tenkuji / Kamen Rider Ghost announced that he will be leaving his current talent agency - Oscar Promotion at the end of June. Along with leaving the company, he will no longer be associated with the in-company group "Oscar AOX" (Men's Theater Company - Aoyama Omotesando X). He has not yet announced whether he will sign a contract with a new company next or whether he will continue his freelancing activities.

Comment by Shun Nishime

This time I will be leaving Oscar Promotion with its contract expiry to which I was associated for 6 years. Because of Corona, I got time to look back and began to think in this direction on things that I want to do from now. I had consulted with my agency many times. As a result of that, they have decided to send me warmly towards my hope. I am deeply grateful. With my Acting Debut in 2015, fans showed me beautiful views which a normal person can never experience. I have received so much love from fans that it just won't end no matter how I return. I think now it's my turn to return. I am still immature. I will do my best to give you good news soon. With the feelings of returning the debt, I want to challenge myself in multiple fields including acting business. So till then, Fans & everyone related, please continue to support me.

Oscar Promotion, especially Oscar AOX consisted of multiple Kamen Rider actors who aired around the same time. The list includes Hiroki Iijima (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid), So Okuno (Kamen Rider Zi-O). Kiramager's Kohei Shoji (Takamichi Crystallia / Kiramai Silver) & GARO's Wataru Kuriyama (Ryuga Dogai) were also part of this group.

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