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Shunji Igarashi (Ultraman Mebius) Is Returning Back to Entertainment Industry

Retired actor Shunji Igarashi who is notable for his role - Mirai Hibino / Ultraman Mebius had recently appeared on a YouTube channel where he had talked about his life before debut, acting in ROOKIES drama, reaction of people after knowing that he had gained weight & more.

He had mentioned that he was still in touch with his Ultraman Mebius co-star Masaki Nishina (Ryu Aihara / Ultraman Hikari) & also that he will appear in a Stage Show with him in the upcoming days for two shows. He had expressed his interest in returning to Entertainment Industry. But he had also considered his current situation of weight gain.

Hope we'll get to see him voice Ultraman Mebius and also play Mirai Hibino once again.

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