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Shunji Igarashi (Ultraman Mebius) Reveals His Interest To Return To Acting with a Condition

In this YouTube collab with his Ultraman Mebius co-star Masaki Nishina (Ryu Aihara / Ultraman Hikari), retired actor Shunji Igarashi known for his iconic role of Mirai Hibino / Ultraman Mebius had revealed his interests to return to acting industry. But he has a condition. No, it's not related to losing weight or something. To understand more, let's go through his acting career which talks about in the video.

  • Shunji Igarashi is well known for two roles. One is Ultraman Mebius and another is the drama ROOKIES.

  • He reveals that he started off his career with 17th JUNON Super Boy Contest. He had passed the Third Round was ranked 54 among the 97 contestants. While contest was still going on, a staff from De View asked him to take the audition for Watanabe Entertainment's D-BOYS. In this audition he won Semi-Grand Prize losing to Yuichi Nakamura (Yuuto Nakamura / Kamen Rider Zeronos) who won the Grand Prize.

  • Before he got selected for Ultraman Mebius, he had also taken the audition of Magiranger. He was one of the last three participants who was there till the last round.

  • He had also revealed that he had taken the audition of Kamen Rider for 2 years continuously. Guess it's Kamen Rider Kabuto and maybe one of the secondary Riders of Kamen Rider Hibiki.

  • He rose to fame with ROOKIES mid-season. It seems because of the fame, it became difficult for him to travel via train. Then he consulted with his Talent Agency and got permitted to drive car. He was the only one among the D-BOYS members who was allowed to drive.

  • Then he talks about the reason for his retirement. He says that people are by his characters like Mirai Hibino & Nyaa (Rookies character). He just didn't feel that he was saving them. He was a separation from his characters.

  • He used to go to bars for drinking. He felt like the customers in the bar started to know him as himself and not for his role. They come to drink with him.

  • Around the same time he also had this thought that Acting won't last long.

  • He began researching on how to do business, how to start and manage a restaurant. With everything decided & planned, he decided to retire.

  • Now he reveals that he currently owns 4 Restaurants and aiming for the 5th one.

  • With the topic of him recently acting at Masaki Nishina's stage show, he reveals that he is slowly getting DMs on his Twitter for Entertainment Industry related work. But he had also mentioned the point that he wants to take up those works which balancing with his Restaurant works.

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