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Sophia Becomes the New Kamen Rider Calibur + Sophia's Actress Rina Chinen Sings The New Ending Song

Sophia is going to become the new Kamen Rider Calibur in Kamen Rider Saber Chapter 45. In Chapter 44, due to the side effects of Wonder World on Sophia, she beings to lose her existence in the real world. Yuri prevents that by using the power of AnkokuKen Kurayami. In Chapter 45, she decides to fight together with the nine swordsmen against Storious.

When she is in danger on the battlefield, Daichi Kamijo & Hayato Kamiyama will also appear. All three of them will join forces. Both Daichi and Hayato have their own Rekka and Kurayami.

Sophia's actress - Rina Chinen also sings a new Ending Theme of Kamen Rider Saber which was played in Chapter 44. The title of the song is "The story never ends". The lyrics is by Shoko Fujibayashi and Composed by Kosuke Yamashita.

This song will be included in Kamen Rider Saber CD-BOX's SONG BEST Disc releasing on September 29. This song might not get the early Spotify like "Rewrite the story" & "Will save us".

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