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Subaru Kimura Reveals Vice As An Inspiration from Tomokazu Seki: He Wants to Impress Tomokazu Seki

When you think about the voice actors - Subaru Kimura & Tomokazu Seki duo, there's only one thing that comes to your mind. It's Doraemon. Both of them worked together for years now in Doraemon playing the iconic duo - Gian & Suneo.

In the interview with Mynavi News, Subaru Kimura considers Tomokazu Seki as his teacher and when creating the character Vice for Kamen Rider Revice, he had taken inspiration from Tomokazu Seki who had played many Tokusatsu characters till now.

Subaru Kimura says "We haven't seen such character in Kamen Rider Series before. I wanted to bring in my own originality in this. First of all, I had thought about my teacher - Tomokazu Seki who had played many characters in Kamen Rider Series. To that, I tried to blend in the 'Gaki Daishou' image and Genie from 'Aladdin and the Magic Lamp'. I created Vice as a hybrid of those."

In the Interview with Oricon, he had also talked about his teacher Tomokazu Seki getting jealous. He says"I told my teacher Tomokazu Seki that 'I would be involved in the new Kamen Rider' and he reacted like 'Ehh, I see. Do your best'. I felt he was a little jealous (lol). Personally, I would be excited to play a character that will make my teacher jealous. I want Seki-san to see this, want to hear his advice and impressions. It would be a victory for me if he says 'This is good' (lol). I am excited for this".

MAiDiGiTV Interview

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