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Super Sentai Hero Course Hosted by Tomokazu Seki Announced

TELASA & TV-Asahi are going to broadcast/stream a special variety focused on Super Sentai. Voice Actor Tomokazu Seki who plays the role of Taisei Manaka's (Aka Hero) late father - Taishi Manaka & also the voice of Akarenger in The High School Heroes will host the show titled "Hero Summer Fes Special: Tomokazu Seki's Super Sentai Hero Course". He is going to teach the guests about 46 years of Super Sentai History.

Three of the Bishounen members who currently star in The High School Heroes, Syuichiro Naito (Touma Kamiyama / Kamen Rider Saber) & Kiita Komagine (Kaito Goshikida / Zenkaizer) will appear as guests. They will be challenged to Super Sentai Trivia Test and tested to the knowledge which a Hero should have.

The TV Broadcast will be on August 14 and the complete version will be streamed on TELASA on August 21st & 28th. Those who are living in Japan (or using a VPN) and have a TELASA subscription can watch the complete versions here → https://www.telasa.jp/videos/185646.