Super Zenkaizer & Super Twokaizer Debut Episode Confirmed | Zenkaiger & Saber TV Crossover Coming!

The following list is the episode titles & broadcast of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger for the month of July.

Episode 18!: "Short Life, Love me Full Throttle!"

Air Date - July 4

Screenplay - Junko Komura

Director - Kyohei Yamaguchi

Episode 19!: "Zenkai Renamed - Super Zenkai!"

Air Date - July 11

Screenplay - Junko Komura

Director - Kyohei Yamaguchi

This episode could possibly be the debut of Super Zenkaizer & Super Twokaizer which was supposed to appear this month.

Special Episode - "Movie Release Commemoration Combined Special"

Air Date - July 18

Screenplay - Nobuhiro Mouri

Director - Satoshi Morota

Looking at the title, this once again the one-hour crossover special program between Kamen Rider Saber & Zenkaiger. The last time we got the proper combined special program was 6 years back with Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Vs Kamen Rider Drive.

In the end, there is no broadcast for Zenkaiger on July 25 possibly to make way for the Olympics. The same might go for Kamen Rider Saber.

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