Superhero Senki HQ Scans: Raptor & Shou Ronpou in Kimono, Kamen Rider 1 Old on Old Cyclone & more

New HQ Scans from Superhero Senki. TV Magazine calls the movie exclusive form Kamen Rider Saber Zenkaizer Form. But just like Uchusen Magazine, Terebi-kun also calls the form as Kamen Rider Saber Superhero Senki.

TV Magazine scans also have some mistakes this time. They have mistakenly labeled Sentai Megid as Rider Warudo and Rider Warudo as Sentai Megid. Guess they were near the deadline or something to have these mishaps.

Raptor and Shou Ronpou are seen in Edo era outfits in Superhero Senki.

Kamen Rider 1 with his Old Suit will also ride Old Cyclone in Superhero Senki.