Superhero Senki Monsters Official Names Confirmed + New Movie Posters

Superhero Senki Main Trailer had given us the first look at movie monsters who are the Megid & Warudo counterparts of Zenkaizer & Kamen Rider Saber. Though the official names weren't revealed in the main trailer or announcement. Fans just referred to them temporarily as "Zenkaizer Megid" & "Saber Warudo" based on how they look.

Toei has come forth in the afternoon to reveal their official names on the Twitter campaign information page for new movie posters. They are called "Sentai Megid" & "Rider Warudo".

When it comes to the Campaigns Posters, here's how they look! If you look on the top, you can see the symbols of each Rider & Sentai in the chronological order of how the series aired.

You can combine all the posters to make a long poster.

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