Syuya Sunagawa (Kamen Rider Horobi) Gets To Work With Masahiro Inoue (Decade) in Bushiroad's ROAD59

Syuya Sunagawa who had played Horobi / Kamen Rider Horobi in Kamen Rider Zero-One gets to work with his Rider-Sempai Masahiro Inoue (Tsukasa Kadoya / Kamen Rider Decade) in the upcoming Bushiroad's Media Mix Project called "ROAD 59".

It's pretty to explain what this project actually is. But here is how it goes. ROAD 59 is going to be a Game about Kansai gangsters. The story of the game will adapted in various media and including Stage Shows where Syuya Sunagawa, Masahiro Inoue and others cast are going to appear.

Syuya-kun will play the role of young Group Leader named Shou Himuro of the Kansai based Konamami Group which respects traditions and formals. While trying to meet the expectations of everyone around, reluctantly walking the road of gangster, having trouble, sandwiched between strict elder sister and careless little sister, he can't say much which he wants to say due to this.

Syuya-kun had said that he had felt attractive about this project and he is very happy to work with grand cast. About the character he said that he is pretty cool and suits will fit him. For this role he needs to speak in Kansai dialect, but he is from Okinawa. He was confident to prepare for this Kansai based character by meeting with his Kansai Sempai and spending time with them.

Along with Masahiro Inoue, this project also has involvement of Masaki Kyomoto who you might know as Barago / Kiba in GARO, Yuuki Kimisawa (Kirihiko Sudo / Nazca Dopant), Voice Actor & Singer Shota Aoi and also Decade's Theme Song Artist GACKT. GACKT-san will perform the theme song for ROAD 59.