Taiyo Sugiura (Ultraman Cosmos) Talks About His Corona Experience

Taiyo Sugiura (Musashi Haruno / Ultraman Cosmos) who had recently recovered from COVID-19 had revealed his experience. He tells that he suddenly got fever, feeling cold, pains in body. He he thought that by sleeping it might decrease, but he didn't. He talked with his manager and he suggested to go doctor.

He searched for the hospital that would do PCR Test. The test results were positive. He talked about this to his family and then started searching for hospital to admit himself. He reveals that the hospital staff took him via a different route so that he doesn't meet anyone on the way to him hospital room. He was told not to touch anything because the place which he touch would need to be sanitize.

In the hospital, in the night while sleeping he was sweating due to temperature increase which was a bit hard for him. Hospital staff treated him properly while protecting themselves with face shield, gloves, apron and they encouraged him saying that everything will go well...

After getting discharged that he realized that his sense of smell is no longer there. He was a bit worried about it. But it has slowly returned back.

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