Takahito Oomori & Teruaki Sugihara Talk About the Production of Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL×TIME


Production of Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL×TIME has been through many obstacles due to pandemics. Concept change, script change, date change of release. But in the end, the movie was successful and gave the best ending to Kamen Rider Zero-One's story.

Producer Takahito Oomori & Director Teruaki Sugihara sat together to talk about the production of the movie in commemoration of Blu-ray & DVD of REAL×TIME.

During the talk, Takahito Sugihara had revealed his original idea for the movie which was later dismissed by the staff. As per his original idea, the previous Hiden Intelligence President - Korenosuke Hiden was still alive. In this scenario, the world will be completely destroyed. Post destruction, Humagears rise up (I am assuming that only Humagear survived in the destruction). Fukkin Hokaitaro tries to give hope by making people laugh.


They also reveal the scripts which was prepared for the movie. There exists two versions of the script. One was created before the Corona outbreak and the other was after the State of Emergency where the story was altered and enhanced to fit with the TV Series Finale. Takahito Oomori had also said that he decided to put the visuals on the script book instead of just keeping it blank this time. It represented how much passionate he was for this movie.

Interestingly, Takahito Sugihara liked the visual on the new script book and decided also to use for the Final Poster.

During the planning there was also a plan to include Air Force, Navy & Army to fight against the Kamen Riders. But the end they realised that Navy might be a bit impossible so they stuck with only Air Force.

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