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Takaya Aoyagi (Jugglus Juggler) Gets His Own Show On TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION

Takaya Aoyagi who is known for playing Jugglus Juggler / Shota Hebikura in Ultraman Orb followed by Ultraman Z gets his own show on Tsuburaya's streaming site "TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION". It's going to be a Talk focused on Ultraman and Tsuburaya works. The show is titled as "Takaya no Heya" (Takaya's Room) which is inspired by the popular Tetsuko Yanagi's "Tetsuko no Heya" (Tetsuko's Room).

It will be monthly online live and the first live will be on May 26th, 7 PM JST. Director Kiyotaka Taguchi (Ultraman Z, Sevenger Fight) will be the first guest.

Other than getting the show, Takaya Aoyagi is also in charge of writing blogs / columns every month for Heroes Ultraman website.

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