Takaya Aoyagi (Jugglus Juggler) Leaves His Current Agency

Actor Takaya Aoyagi who is known for playing Jugglus Juggler / Hebikura Shota in Ultraman Orb & Ultraman Z series had announced on his Social Media that he is leaving his current Talent Agency - Alpha Selection after being part of it for 9 years.

Check out the translated announcement below

"To everyone,

I, Takaya Aoyagi have left Alpha Selection Co., Ltd.

I am thankful for giving me happiness and large number of experience in the last 9 years.

I am really thankful.

I have taken this decision after worrying and thinking a lot. I have decided to take a new challenge.

As an actor I have realized the gratitude and responsibility. I will continue to present you lots of works which you can enjoy.

To all the fans who support me, all the people related to me,

I will walk a new path from today!

I will look forward to work with you in the future.

March 22, 2021 - Takaya Aoyagi"

It hasn't been announced whether he is joining a new Talent Agency or planning to have his own private agency or anything. But for now he had revealed that there will be a Staff Twitter for his activities which you can follow @aoyagitakaya1 .

Along with that I just came to know that he produces a Apparel Brand called "aLife" where you can some cool Tees, merchandises and more. Just four days back, he had called up some of his friends which also includes Ultraman Ginga actor Takuya Negishi to promote this brand.

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