Tatsuya Kishida (Ryusoul Black) Expresses Grief for Mana Kinjo's Passing

Tatsuya Kishida who played Bamba / Ryusoul Black was shocked after hearing the news in the night.

Give me some time Sorry

He had tweeted his feelings this morning.

She was fighting and she returned back for the Final Episode. I know nothing else than her smile That was like Bright Sun. She is a great actress and also a Proof of a being a Human with Warm Heart. I am proud of myself to have been with Mana Kinjo which is you. Ryusoulgers are together with Ui-chan It's sad.

He had also posted a screenshot of his conversation with Mana-chan during the filming of Ryusoulger when she had to retreat from the filming due to her health conditions. He is trying to cheer her up.

Tatsuya Kishida (December 9th, 2019 / 11:08 AM) - I have written your name in all the scripts and hope one it will be fulfilled. I was really happy. It will really difficult for you, but let's do our best! Let's have fun again :) (Sends a pic of a Ryusoulger Script where Tatsuya-san had written the name of Mana Kinjo in the cast list)

Mana Kinjo (December 9th, 2019 / 12:23 PM) - Tatsu-nii, Thanks :)

I am happy to see my name!!

I might be away a bit from the world of acting, but I will work hard to act together one day.

Yes, let's have fun once again if you are okay. Let's meet once again! I am really thankful.

We love... But it's sad
Some please...everyone please be with me. I feel like losing. I am sorry just for today.
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