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Tetsuo Kurata (Kamen Rider Black / Black RX) Apologizes To Everyone On His Recent Statements

When there were allegations about Kotaro Minami / Kamen Rider BLACK / Kamen Rider BLACK RX's actor Tetsuo Kurata making money off Kamen Rider by legally scamming fans and also about blocking them, everything seemed fine. But his recent live stream saying he doesn't like talking about Kamen Rider, not giving message for Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary and other things among that had got him bashed by Fans all over the world. Some even started making memes of his as 'Kamen Rider BLOCK'. (Refer Articles from Love Tokusatsu: Link 1, Link 2 for background on this matter)

4 days from the livestream, Tetsuo Kurata had come forward to apologize to everyone for his recent behaviour.


"To all the Fans, and everyone related,

For me Kamen Rider BLACK RX is a loving partner with whom I have been walking for many decades. I have been connected with him from the first year of my working life. I love him and he is precious for me. I don't why I said something like that. I have been frustrated and started hating myself. It might have been words for myself.

To Fans, all related and my Life Partner - Kamen Rider BLACK RX. I am really Sorry.

From now onwards, I have made my decision not to cause problems to fans and my partner.

Considering my competence, I have decided to stop the Live streaming at 17 Live.

I am really sorry to all the fans, people related for what I have said in 17 Live.

Tetsuo Kurata"

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