The Absolute Conspiracy 2nd Trailer Out → Unmasked Tregear to Appear! Joneus & Andro Melos Arrive!

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy's Ultimate Trailer was uploaded to Tsuburaya's Official YouTube channel today and it has dropped new surprises! One of them is related to Ultraman Tregear!

  • Final Battle with Absolute Tartarus will feature Ultraman Zero, Andro Melos, Ultraman Ribut, Ultraman Joneus, Ultrawoman Grigio, Ultraman Titas & Ultraman Fuma

  • New scene showing Ultrawoman Marie giving a sword to Ultraman Ken. Ultraman Belial (Early Style) is also present there. This could be the scene where Belial & Ken are fighting Emperor Seijin during Ultra Great War and this could be the first time Ken had met Marie.

  • Ultraman Belial seen near Plasma Spark saying "I want Power... Power that no one can win against me..."

  • Ultraman Taiga Photon Earth fighting Zett

  • Ultraman Cosmos Future Mode and Ultraman Justice fighting Leugocyte

  • Ultraman Joneus is also going to appear! He gets a new suit which has resemblance to his anime version compared to the previous one.

  • Joneus will be voiced by Nobuaki Kanemitsu

  • Andro Melos comes to the rescue to help Tri-Squad fight the Zetton Army.

  • Tomohiro Yamaguchi will Andro Melos

  • Ultraman Z is seen fighting along with Ultraman Taiga Tri-Storium

  • And last of all! Ultraman Tregear in his Unmasked Form. It's officially called as Ultraman Tregear (Early Style). He is seen talking with young Ultraman Taro who had returned from his mission as the Messenger of Light.

  • At the end, young Tregear is seen in front of some Golden light which suspect has something to do with Absolute Tartarus.

  • Ultraman Tregear is of course voiced by Yuma Uchida. But as we are talking of Young Taro, he will be voiced by Showtaro Morikubo.

  • Theme Song "ZERO to INFINITY" by Mamoru Miyano is also played

Ultraman Tregear Early Style's Sofubi will come out at the end of December as "Ultra Kaiju Series EX: Ultraman Tregear (Early Style)".

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