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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Showrunner Also Doesn't Know Steve Rogers Fate

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier passed on the legacy of Captain America from Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson. Steve Rogers would be very much happy to see Sam as the new Captain America. But here's the question which everyone is asking and is suspicious about. What actually happened to Steve Rogers after he handed over the shield to Sam?

Show might have mentions of Steve throughout the six episodes. But his fate was never revealed. Yeah, there were two mentions of him in moon and one mention that he was gone. So is he dead? or is he still alive?

Inverse had interviewed the showrunner Malcolm Spellman and asked the same thing. Malcolm revealed "I’ve got to tell you the truth, my friend. Marvel won’t tell me what happened to Steve, so we were able to write whatever we wanted because we don’t know. We’re wondering if Steve’s on the moon too, you know what I’m saying? That’s as good a guess as anything because they won’t tell me".

What does it mean by Steve's on the moon? No one was able to get any marvel comic reference that line. Is it pointing to something? Something like that Nick Fury & Skrull's spaceship which we saw in the Spider-Man: Far From Home Post Credits scene?

(Source - Inverse)

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