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This is Mei Angela's Past: Grand Prize Winner High Schooler Named Yumi

Kamen Rider Saber is coming to an end. The character Reika Shindai played by the actress & model Mei Angela was introduced mid-season. Initial reactions from the fans for the character were negative. But as the story proceeded, fans began to like the character. We got to see her transform into Kamen Rider Sabela. Just recently the character had developed into a Brocon character and her actions entertained many.

So considering the hard work of the actress in playing this character, let's have a look into Mei Angela's past which many are not aware of.

Mei Angela first came into the limelight when she won the Grand prize in "Kanto JK Misscon 2014" held in 2014. She was just a high schooler back then and she was 17 years old. She participated in the contest with her real name Yumi Yamamoto. As per the judge of the contest, she won because of her "face, style and cheers from the venue".

She later made an appearance in Variety Show "News na Bansaikai" where she meets the winner of "Kansai JK Misscon 2014". Both the winners meet face to face and praise each other. But when the show producers interviewed both separately, each of them showed dominance over each other by talking about their self aspects which makes them greater.

Mei Angela had commented, "I am taller and I look more adult than her". Variety Show jokingly compared both the girls as 'water' & 'oil' based on their comments. The Variety Show also did a poll with the public to decide who is Japan's No. 1 Cute Girl in which Mei Angela lost as the public referred to her as 'Beautiful' than 'Cute'.

In 2015, Mei Angela appeared in few modelpress YouTube videos along with other models in which they transform into someone else by make-up, costume change, and more. During the appearance, she went with the name "Angela Yumi".

Her earliest Entertainment Industry work was recorded in 2017 when she got featured in Weekly Playboy with the current stage name "Mei Angela". Maybe it was also during this year when she joined her current Talent Agency 01 familia. Modelpress referred to her as Model & Cosplayer in the Gravure article. So she must be doing some other modeling activities between 2015 to 2017 which are difficult to track.

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