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Three Kiramager Actresses Featured on UTB:G Vol. 4

Three of the Mashin Sentai Kiramager Actresses are going to get featured on UTB:G Vol. 4 releasing on August 31st. Each one of the three actresses gets their own front & back cover for the magazine.

Yume Shinjo (Sena Hayami / Kiramai Green) appears on the front cover with the title "Deep Innocence".

On the back cover, she is seen wearing a Yukata and this is titled "We are together even in the Third Summer". Her main feature is on page 11 which is called "Japan's Summer is Yume's Summer".

The second actress to get featured is Mio Kudo (Sayo Oharu / Kiramai Pink). Her front cover is titled "It's Summer's fault" & her back cover is "Drop of Love". Her main feature is on page 12.

Both Yume Shinjo & Mio Kudo's front & back covers were limited editions.

The third actress is Nana Owada. She wasn't a regular cast of Mashin Sentai Kiramager. But had appeared as a Guest character - Iyo Kodera / Yodomihime in Episode 10. She gets regular cover features in the magazine.

Ultraman Trigger: NEW GENERATION TIGA Heroine - Runa Toyoda (Yuna Shizuma) also appears in the magazine.

All the models who appear in the magazine are featured in Making DVD which comes along with the magazine.

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