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Toei Admits Xross Saber as Color Change of Normal Form - 'The New Reiwa Standard'

I don't know how many people still hate the design of Kamen Rider Xross Saber. But here's what Toei had said about the design.

During Heisei Kamen Riders, Final Form was the main thing. Although each work had its own elements. But compared to the Heisei Period where it was a trending thing 'To put all', Reiwa's 1st Work - 'Kamen Rider Zero-One' penetrated with simpleness. The belt itself changed for 'Kamen Rider Zero-Two'. This encouraged the viewers to accept the new Reiwa Standard. And for the 2nd Work - Saber had decided to go with Color Change of Normal Form!".

If you remember Kamen Rider Stronger was the first Rider to get the Upgrade. That was his Final Form.


So why can't Saber have the same concept?

The staff has also revealed that it was really difficult to make the suit of Xross Saber. The whole suit was hand-painted by the craftsman as it was not possible to mask the art of space on the suit. They refer to this as 'Human-sized Art work'.

They had also revealed that because of the glittering and reflecting concept of the suit, it was difficult to shoot it with greenback and also to get the correct lighting, camera reflection, etc.,

Kamen Rider Xross Saber's Dragon will be officially called 'Cosmo Dragon' and the sword on his head will be called 'Haou Sword Crown'.

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