Toei Mistakenly Posts Saber Chapter 34 Relation Chart: Details on Bahat & Yuri's Past, Yuri Dies?

Official Kamen Rider Website had mistakenly posted the relation chart for Chapter 34 instead of Chapter 33, yesterday.

1. Bahat had killed his friend in the past because he got too attracted to the power. The Sword which this guy is holding looks similar to Kougou-Ken Saikou. But wrapped with a cloth.

2. Yuri had sealed Bahat in the past using both Saikou & Kurayami.

3. Bahat will also fight against Kamen Rider Durendal and also Kamen Rider Blades Tategami Hyoujuu Senki. Looks like Bahat jumped in duel between Durendal & Blades. Anyway, both will be defeated by Bahat.

4. During the fight between Falchion, Saber & Calibur, Luna's Dimension will appear once again. It seems Touma had tried open the dimension previously with the help of Yuri only to fail.

5. Mei mentions about the events of Saber Short Film. So it's still a canon unlike yesterday's theory.

Yesterday's Theory:

6. Yuri / Saikou will disappear while shielding Touma in the battle with Falchion. Kougou-Ken Saikou & X-Swordman Wonder Ride Book will get retrieved by Reika after this.

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