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Toei TV Production's CEO Hints About Unannounced Guest Character in Kiramager THE MOVIE

Toei TV Production's CEO Jun Hikasa had tweeted yesterday hinting there being a unrevealed surprise in the Kiramager THE MOVIE: Bebop Dream related to a actor / character.

By the thinking of it, #Kiramager's movie poster still doesn't have the name of that person...... It might be the surprise for the release.

Previously when the filming pic of Kiramager THE MOVIE was leaked, a woman wearing white dress was spotted. With the plot of movie out, it seems like this person will appear in Juru & Tametomo's dream in flower park.

That's not all. If you look at the Tracklist of Mashin Sentai Kiramager Original Soundtrack Crystal Sound Box 2 & 3 - Disc 2 which contains a soundtracks of movie has a track called "That girl was there...". Most probably the girl mentioned in the title is referring to the girl in white.

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