TTFC Announces Kamen Rider Saber Special Episode

TTFC had made a surprise drop of Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Gridon Vs Kamen Rider Bravo just last week and now it's seems they are already working on Kamen Rider Saber Special Episode. The current temporary title is "TTFC Direct Production: Kamen Rider Saber" and it is planned to be streamed on YouTube this winter. There is a possibility that this Special Episode might be connected to Kamen Rider Saber the Movie releasing this December.

So currently there are searching for Extras for this episode and users who have TTFC Subscription can only apply for this. As extras, they get opportunity to either choose to play the role of getting attacked by Megiddo or playing the role of people supporting Kamen Rider Saber.

TTFC Users can apply for Extras role by November 4th, 23:59 JST. Only 60 people will be selected for the role. After getting selected they will be given a link to upload their video.

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